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CM Custom and Remodel, LLC

Chad Massengill has been in and around building all of his life. Born and raised right here in Taylor County, Texas, he learned strong work ethic from his father at an early age while working on rent houses and small remodeling projects. A few years ago, Chad decided to take life to the next level and begin building a few spec homes. He quickly learned what a demand there is in the Big Country for the values instilled in him many years ago–values like honesty, loyalty, hard work, dependability, and integrity. He was taught that there is no excuse for cutting corners, and, in the words of his father, “If it’s worth doing, its worth doing right.”

Chad’s wife, Traci, soon joined the team in a designer role. She has a knack for all things interior design and takes the bones that Chad builds and makes them into a beautiful home, ready for a new family. CM Custom Homes believes the greatest reward we have is building quality homes for families to make great memories in for years to come. Chad and Traci believe in CM Custom Homes being a true family business. On Saturdays, it is not uncommon to find their two sons, Colt (8) and Austin (9), joining Chad in working on homes (although they usually end up playing hide-and-seek and digging ditches in Daddy’s newest pile of sand).

They have taken all of those values they’ve learned over the course of their lives with them to work on a daily basis and that has made all the difference in the world. They have developed the most loyal, hardworking, and dependable team of subcontractors that can take any task and make it happen with a truly streamlined efficiency and quality–second to none. Since making the decision to start building those few spec homes, CM Custom Homes has had explosive growth, building numerous custom homes all around the Big Country over the past few years for clients from all walks of life and fulfilling each client’s individual needs. They say, “Find what you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life,” and Chad and Traci Massengill have truly found that sweet spot.

CM Custom and Remodel