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Key City Homes

Key City Homes

Jay Tindol | Marco Olvera

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Jay Tindol is a proud Abilenian! He and his wife Ashley both grew up in Abilene and have enjoyed seeing the changes in the developing community throughout their lives.

After graduation from Hardin Simmons University, he spent several years as a full-time science teacher and coach for Wylie High School.

​Jay got his start in home building through doing home renovations on the side during his coaching years. Finding this new passion for home-building, he dedicated his life to Key City Homes – full-time! Jay understands the need for further custom development and beautification of Abilene neighborhoods.

​Jay is also committed to further his education in architecture and interior design. His passion is creating beautiful homes for beautiful Abilene families just like his.


Marco Olvera and his wife Emily are both Abilene born and raised. They are living out their lifelong dream, raising their 4 children in their hometown and the community that they love.

Marco worked at Lowe’s as the Plumbing and Install Sales Manager for over 11 years and is the go-to man for all things appliances, home installs, and plumbing.  While at Lowe’s he also specialized in designing project interiors and exteriors and managed both programs.

Marco gained experience in the industry and expanded his knowledge of home building at Hardin Simmons University where he studied business finance and management.

​As a real estate agent and custom home builder, Marco combines his passion for custom renovation with broad experience to create each clients’ dream home.