Big Country Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes

Lantrips Custom Homes

Lantrip’s Custom Homes has always been family owned and operated. Gene and Cindy Lantrip built their first home in 1983 but officially started Lantrip’s Custom Homes as a part-time venture in 1995, building two to three homes a year. It has since grown into one of the largest and longest established homebuilding companies in the Big Country.

The team today consists of Gene and Cindy Lantrip, Kristie and Jeremy McBrayer, and Kate and Joey Gonzales.

Kristie, the youngest daughter, handles everything with home selections. This includes making these choices for homes currently under construction, working with home owners on their selections, as well as coordinating with suppliers and installers.

Jeremy, Kristie’s husband, is on site, hands on with the customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Jeremy has brought new innovations to the company such as energy efficient features that saves the homeowner hundreds of dollars. Jeremy is constantly studying on how to build a better home.

Kate left the education sector to market the homes. She is a full time realtor with Keller-Williams. Her Husband, Joey, works part-time with the company handling the social media and online presence for the Company.

Since its beginning, Gene and Cindy have built over 800 new homes in the Big Country.

They have also developed several subdivisions in the Big Country, providing several lots for new homes.

Gene and Cindy believe in the importance of being involved in every aspect of the homebuilding industry. Gene is active in the Big Country Home Builders Association, where he has served continuously on the board since 2008, and served as President in 2010. He has been awarded with “Homebuilder of the Year” three times, and in 2015 was honored with the prestigious Raymond Thomason Award.

Lantrip’s Custom Homes is also very involved in the Texas Association of Builders. Gene has served as Area Vice President, Chairman of the Area Vice Presidents, Home Pac Chair, Membership Chair and this past November, he was elected First Vice-President of the Texas Association of Builders, to be the President in 2022. Gene will be the first builder from Abilene to hold that position. With the National Association of Builders, he is on the Membership and Custom Home Committees. Every year legislation is introduced on the State and National level that greatly affects residential construction in the Big Country, and his involvement is instrumental in helping to keep building costs down and regulations in check.

Lantrip’s Custom Homes understands purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most important investments made in a lifetime. They pride themselves in quality construction, customer service, and affordability of new homes. Most of all, they love making the dream of owning a new home into a reality for their homeowners.